Gangs of New York - Roleplay

The year is 1863.

The Draft Riots are over, but the Civil War is still raging.

A political representative of New York State has called a town meeting in New York City to discuss the problems of the city - and the future of the city.

YOU are a representative of ONE of these groups of New York Citizens:

  • Tammany Hall Politicians
  • "Native Americans" Gang Members
  • "Dead Rabbits" Gang Members
  • Former Slaves
  • Missionaries
  • Police Officers
  • Social Reformers
  • Immigrants

Along with other members of your group, you must use the links on the right to fill out a character sheet and prepare a short 3-5 minute presentation of the way your group sees New York City. Talk about the city's advantages and disadvantages. How can we improve the city? You must also prepare to ask questions to the other groups. Each group should be prepared to answer minimum 3 questions from the other groups.

If you wish, you may prepare a poster promoting your opinions.

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