Documentation is important in an essay. Use quotations from the text you are writing about in your analysis and interpretation. This strengthens your argument and helps persuade the reader.

Quotations must be completely accurate and in "quotation marks". They must also be incorporated into your own sentences.

If, for the purpose of syntax, you have to change a small detail in the quotation, use [square brackets]. Omissions are marked with [...] A quotation does not have a life of its own. Comment upon them!


According to www.wildbilly.dk "Documentation is important in an essay." The author of the site says that it "strengthens [an] argument". On wildbilly.dk it also says that square brackets are used "if [...] you have to change a small detail in the quotation". In other words, quotations are surrounded by many rules.

  • The quotations above are accurate
  • They are in "quotation marks"
  • They are incorporated into the sentences
  • [Square brackets] are used when the quotations are changed
  • [Square brackets] are used when something is omitted
  • The quotations are commented upon


NB! When writing essays of the "exam type", you must always make a reference to the text when you quote.


Port William is described as a small town that is more or less undeveloped: "...it hardly deserved to be called a road." (p. 1, l. 10)

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