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Ret fejlene - og beskriv dem.

Ret fejlene i sætningerne nedenfor og beskriv dem med grammatisk terminologi. (Correct and describe the errors below.)

Øvelserne minder om opgaverne i delprøve 1, men er her sorteret efter grammatisk emne. Der kan godt være flere fejl i samme sætning.


Peter and Mary were having a better dinner to celebrate their anniversary.

Please leave the brown dress behind, but pack the green.

You look good, but I look more good.

Shakespeare is the importantest dramatist of the Elisabethan Age.

We need to do something about the living conditions of the poor ones in Denmark.

She is the sinfullest of them all.

That theory is the interestingest I have ever heard.

The soft is my favourite.

This is the baddest film I have ever seen.

Bruce has always looked greatly.

When in despair, pray to the Almighty one.



She loves him high.

That is a very currently problem.

He drives the car fastly through the gate.

She sings ugly.

She appears every Thursday in our local paper.

She has always been presented as a delicately woman.

She, according to my mother, never has gassed a porcupine more agressive than now.

She always has acted lonelily.

"I love you", she called out friendly.

He behaved angrilier than usual.

Late, there has been trouble in paradise.

They say that he always has lived in the USA.

You never have said anything about this.

She unfortunately never stopped singing.


Artikler (bestemt og ubestemt)

My father teaches at an university in London.

Bruce Springsteen plays guitar very well.

He comes from United States of America.

He is firmly rooted in the Scandinavian culture because he is Dane.

I have hired a lawyer who is paid a hourly fee.

After the World War II, the teachers all over the world have faced a lot of problems.

Where does a man go in this town to buy an used car?

An Apple computer is an practical Apple product as opposed to a Apple Watch.

She is student of law.

The life is a important theme in many of Shakespeare's plays.

This is a honest to God problem!

The European Union is an union filled to the brim with potential problems.

He will never get very far, because he left the school at the age of 12.

He sleeps the half day away.



He sings not very well.

Think you it is nice to live in Denmark?

Does he plays football every Wednesday?

He does not be at home.

What did happen?

I have been told that you do not like chocolate. That's wrong. I like chocolate, but not liquorice.

Has he access to the internet?

Does he have placed the keys in the car?

Did he liked his mother's new boyfriend?

I don't can think of a better plan.

Maria and Lucas does not sing duets anymore.

Has he done played in the Superliga?


Genitiv og apostroffer generelt

The boys were wearing ladies hats.

A stone hit the car's windshield.

Please report to the managers office.

They say that crime doesnt pay.

She had thought about walking, but it was a fourty minutes walk.

I'll see you on the moon's dark side.

My fathers house has many rooms.

It does'nt smell nice in here.

I forgot my computer at my mothers.

The 20th Century saw the rise of the women movement.

Her husbands' best friend is Charle's uncles lovers sister.

I always tell him to leave me alone but he want do it.

Bo's favourite singer is Bruce Springsteen because he sing's so well.

I recently painted the dog house of my dog.

Love's essence is trust.


Ing-form og præpositionsmønstre:

Juliet and Romeo is leaving for the airport.

Running into the street naked, the car ran her over.

After to have read the book, you must water your plants.

Leaving for Rome, parking facilities at the airport annoyed them.

I could not avoid to look at her.

Why him? He is a liar bastard.

Every thursday he is playing backgammon with a shaman.

He came for to fetch the soap.

Do you enjoy to sing on your own?

My father is drinking too much.

The llama came runny along the airstrip.

I look forward to see you at the party.

He left in spite of that she loved his new suit.

When will you finish to paint the fence?

They are sitting eating their lunch.


Komma (should I use the Oxford Comma?):

He said, that he would be home for dinner, she added.

Poul said "I'll love you forever my darling", to Julie.

I'll come over, if you ask me.

Coffee was something that normally Christopher abhorred. Silvia convinced him that it was lovely however.

He asked her, if she was on her way to school. She answered that she was not.

"If you leave me alone on a Sunday I'll never forgive you", he said.

"Have you" he added, "always looked like this? "No" she said.

He gave her 100.000 Danish Kroner as an excuse. She was not satisfied though.

Unfortunately I have always liked Russian cars. I have driven one, for as long, as I can remember.

I love you but you apparently don't love me.

She phoned her husband, who was in Australia.

He didn't answer the phone and she cried for a month.

If he didn't call her back she would never forgive him she thought, to herself.



Suzie and her child Louisa is always on their way somewhere.

Where are everybody?

The Danes who is afraid of heights has to stay away from the Golden Tower in Tivoli.

There is never problems with concord in my essays.

What did you say? Have somebody called?

The buses arrives every fifteen minutes.

There are nothing to be done.

People with no interest in grammar, no interest in English and no interest in language at all is not welcome here.

There are never, under any circumstances, anything that need to be deleted.

What is he doing? He toss the ball.

The man with the red shoes who sing is my friend, Antonio.

The man who walks with his children are in a hurry.

The people who passes through Nørreport are busy.

There are misleading information on page 22.

Her trousers is black denim.

Blue and white is the colour of the sky.


Ordstilling og placering af adverbier:

Yesterday talked we about going to the zoo.

Not once played he "Born in the USA".

She left three hours ago the airport.

At Christmas go we to Harrods to buy a penguin roast.

He said she never was able to love him truly.

Why did you do it? Because you never have asked me not to.

You always have acted like a true idiot.

Not until it was too late realized we how serious it was.

She acted, however, strangely.

When the phone rang, was she busy.

She every morning for three years drove her car to her lover's house.

She has in reality never paid much attention to English, he said.

Say you the truth?



Hamlet was written of William Shakespeare.

The cars is painted blue in the garage.

The cat became killed by the dog.

The apple is ate by Thomas.

Juliet and Romeo is loved by their parents.

The rent is paying by Montgomery.

Where are your car keys? They have been mislain.

The shop were robbed by the robbers.

The owner of the car was killed of the collision.

The beer had been drank so there was nothing in the fridge for me.

The balloons had been blewed up by the older kids.

The book had been lent out of the librarian.



How far is there to your grandmother's cabin?

You will find me in the house which door has just been painted blue.

Please take off the shoes. I have just had the floors waxed.

These are my favourite shoes. Are those your?

We asked if we should take off our shoes, but they told us we should decide for ourself.

He recently bought a car who had just participated in a race across the country.

There is nothing there is free. Everything has a price.

I told him it was OK, but the problem kept rearing it's ugly head.

I am really sorry but these are the problems there kept appearing.

He feels himself superior to her.

Jacob always seemed to be a good spirit or ghost on the island. Just opposite his brother whom seemed evil and was the smoke monster.

Welcome to my office. These are mine colleagues, Holmes and Watson.

Denmark lost the match, but they defended themself well.

She is my favourite teacher and a person which good spirits pervade her teaching.

What do you like the most - burgers or fries?

Denmark is a great country to come to as a foreigner because everybody speak English.

Anders and Mads have a brother whom used to be my best friend, but whom I don't see any longer.

It kept raining cats and dogs, so she kept the hat on.

I think she will get a better grade than Ezekiel which essays were always so sloppy.

To who did you give your keys?

School is alright, but there are many passages in my grammar book there are less than interesting.


Præpositioner og Præpositionsmønstre:

She told him that Harvest Moon was an album composed of Neil Young.

In our group we talked about that the text was made into a film.

In my family, we have never insisted on that we wear diving suits during dinner.

The wonderful novel Moon Palace was written in 1989 of Paul Auster.

I can assure you of that none of you will get a bad grade if you do your homework and are brilliant.

This crappy song is proof of that he is nowhere near as good as Bruce.

What is this shirt made off? I don't know, but take it of.

This film is a sign of that the era is in decay.


Substantiver - Ental/Flertal:

There were five ladys at the castle.

There were two wolfs in the cage.

I heard the sound of mouses from the basement.

Many peoples come through Nørreport each day.

They changed train at Kensington High Street.

This is my scissors.

There were many barracks at the army base. The barrack closest to the Headquarter was my barrack.

For Monday, please read page 9-29.

My family consist of my parents and my eleven brothers and sisters.

They lost their job during the Great Depression.

This is one of many Medieval churchs in the area.

The Sopranos is my favourite television serie.

They couldn't open their mouth.

It is a mean towards an end.

I have a hypothesis. Do you have any hypothesises?


Substantiver - tællelighed:

She asked him if he could give her an advice regarding her job situation.

During the party, she discovered later, some of the furnitures had been destroyed by her friends. She could not afford to replace them.

I am sorry. I can't go with you because I have too few money.

I know you went to the bank to withdraw money. Please give them to me.

Please run to the store for me and buy me a bread.

She gave him all the informations she had access to at that moment. He wrote them down in his notebook.


Udvidet tid:

Simon is always playing football on Wednesdays.

He was watching television when the phone was suddenly ringing.

They are sitting watching television.

He gave a lecture when a bomb suddenly went off in the next room.

In Denmark, people are driving on the right side of the road.

I am never singing in the shower.

The radio played during our entire conversation.

He is lying sleeping on the couch.

He lies sleeping on the couch.

What is your sister doing with that Coke can? My sister drinks.

Whenever I get home from work, I am reading the newspaper.

They repaired the highway when they were being hit by a car.


Verbalfraser, -bøjning og Verbets Tider:

When she entered the room, she had ate the pear already.

Please don't ask him to come back, he is gone home!

Cathrine does not sees the secret life her dogs have at night.

Would you please consider to give me a kiss?

I do apologize but she did not seem to knew what she was doing.

They always thought that I choosed so of my own free will.

What have you should to say?

Next monday, I drive all the way to Aarhus.

Having arrived safely, they realized that they could flown home from anywhere.

I have finish the book you gave me.

Give it up! I never tell you.

Have you could sing since you were a child?

He is build like a true athlete, but I am not jealous.

Google it. You find the answer there.

Panting loudly she complained that she was not used to run.

Have you ever ran out of gas on the interstate?

It appears that she has always sleeped in her underwear.

This song doesn't sounds like one of Bruce Springsteen's.

Whichever way I looked at this, it always striked me as a real problem that she was an alien.

She had driving into town only to meet him, but he was unwilling to meet her.


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