Download Eclipse Crossword to create crossword puzzles in html or print.
Download hotpotatoes to create interactive html-pages.
Download Markin to assignments.

BrainBreaks - brainbreaks & energisers - physical activity in the classroom

Nasjonal digital læringsarena - Engelsk
Online-stopwatch - time yourself
Smart Notebook Express - Notebook files

Teacher's Links

Below is a list of tools that may come in handy when teaching.

The links are primarily for English teaching.

I have commented briefly on the links.


Conversation & Discussion: - would you rather...or...

Discussions - lists of questions for student pairs

Journal Jar - click on the jar to get a random journal topic

Learn English Today - a selection of word games and vocabulary games


Films and Animation:

Bombay TV - make your own subtitles for a plethora of film clips

D.Film Moviemaker - make animated films

GoAnimate - make animation films with text to speech functionality

Powtoon - make instruction videos

Screencast-o-matic - create screncast videos


Grammar and Language:

BBC Skillwise - all sorts of ESL exercises, games etc.

International Dialects of English Archive - listen to English dialects from all over the world

Learn English (British Council) - fun and games

Word Invasion - word class training


Mindmaps and Information Sharing:

Bubbl - create mindmaps and brainstorms

Mindmup - create mindmaps

Padlet - create walls of post-it-like information

Piratepad - collaborate on text documents

Popplet to make mindmaps etc.

Text2Mindmap - create mindmaps from text or text documents

TodaysMeet - have a quick online meeting to share and discuss


Presentation Tools:

Fakebook - create imaginary profiles ala Facebook

Little Bird Tales - create your own ebook

Mailvu - create video presentations and email them

Prezi - make and view impressive presentions


QR Codes and Memes: - create qr codes

MemeGenerator - create memes


Quizzes and Vocabulary Training:

Breaking News English - free English Lessons, 7 levels

Free Rice - synonym training

Half a Crossword - collaborate to complete crossword and other exercises

Kahoot - create quizzes

Learningapps - create small interactive learning modules

Quizlet - make vocabulary training exercises

Socrative - quizzes

Study Blue - create flashcards and other study tools

Testmoz - create quizzes with automated grading - type in the word you wish to learn

Vocabulary games (British Council) - expand your vocabulary

Wordle - create word clouds

Word Vine - play to create compound words



Classicshorts - a selection of short stories



Dipity - create timelines

Timetoast - create timelines



Til Danskundervisningen:

Arkiv for Dansk Litteratur - klassisk dansk litteratur

Civilisatorik - en masse godt materiale til medieundervisningen

Rod-ord - materiale om rap-tekster

Talesprogsbutikken - om talesprog

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